GSoC Phase 1 Wrapup


It has been a wonderful GSoC season at coala. The projects have been really exciting and I have been handed the mentorship of the project to enhance cobot.

What is cobot?

cobot is a bot used by the coala community to serve various purposes:

  1. It is a way for newcomers to be easily invited to the community.
  2. It assists the maintainers with various tasks such as issue assignment and reviewing.
  3. It helps to search some documentation.
  4. It exposes some fun websites such as Wolfram and lmgtfy to generate easy links.

Since it’s introduction it has become an integral part of the community. Members use it very frequently across chatrooms to automate various arduous tasks such as opening issues and changing their tags.

What has been achieved in this Phase?

Even though cobot is so integral to the community it was kind of hacked together initially. It had no unit testing and quickly done up in a not so clean manner. So in this phase it was a target to get a functioning bot which was at par on the previous bot including all features and testing.

Here are some detailed updates by my extremely delightful and awesome student Meet:


He has successfully completed all targets set for this phase and now onwards to the next…

What next?

One most important thing that is a target for this project is the ability to search across documentation and this search should give back results that are most relevant to the query. After much discussion over topic modeling and designing a search index we have landed on the resolution of doing a smart manual index because the documentation is just not dense enough to create a reliable automated technique.





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