For someone I never knew I needed

It is funny how they say that you don’t realise someone’s worth till you have lost them. I always used to dismiss this thought thinking that I realise everyone’s worth without that fact. Well, recently I came very close to losing someone and the situation was perplexing. I couldn’t place why I needed her. Maybe it was her unfailing reciprocation. Maybe it was her eagerness to seek me out. Maybe it was her tolerance to all my annoyances(I kid you not I would have killed me). Maybe it was her unfailing appreciation of me. Maybe it was all of that and more.

This post is not to intended to shower praise on you. It is just to tell you that I need you. In whatever capacity you want to be around. Because if you aren’t then who will I send tickets to. Who will I get random affection from(censored for public reasons). Who will I find to Netflix and not chill. Who will I stay in Bangalore with(I don’t trust anyone else’s house to be clean enough)(Yes I am coming!). Not to spoil any future surprises I’ll restrict myself to this. If there is anything in your heart you should say it.

No matter what happens you will always be this glowing presence in my life. I have the picture to prove it:


Love you.

PS: Maybe next time we can talk when something like this happens instead of making assumptions.

PPS: I kept it short. I have been known to flow with my emotions. 😛

PPPS: I guess that’s how a blog post looks like. I’m getting average at this.