Getting GTK+3 setup for development in python.

I would recommend using Mac or Linux(preferably Fedora). I really have no idea how to set it up on windows and we have already faced a lot of problems doing so. You would be better off setting up a virtual machine and installing these. We will use python3 for this.

Setup on OSX:

  1. Install Homebrew( In general very useful if you miss a package manager on linux.
  2. Install the following packages using homebrew:
    1. gtk+3
    2. gobject-introspection
    3. python3
    4. pygobejct3
    5. cairo
    6. py3cairo
  3. Contact me if there are any problems.

Setup on Fedora(Comes pre installed with gtk+3):

  1. Install python3.
  2. Install pygobject3 using dnf. Yum in older versions

Setup on Ubuntu:

  1. sudo apt-get install python3
  2. sudo apt-get install gtk+3
  3. sudo apt-get install python3-gobject.

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