GUADEC 2015, Gothenburg

In the past days I took a short trip to Sweden. Actually my first trip ever to Europe. Well, dream come true the much awaited Eurotrip finally! While it was not the Eurotrip some people would imagine but it was none short of my wildest imaginations. This trip was all about attending GUADEC(Gnome Users and Developers European Conference) in GUADEC.

It began on the 7th of August with the schedule dictating 3 days packed with presentation and technical talks. While all talks were good in their own regard some talks really captured my imagination:

  • Sandboxed Apps : With privacy and security a big concern in today’s connected world I’m surprised no one thought of following a permissions architecture for desktop apps. Permissions have been a part of mobile apps since day 1. Its only obvious that they make their way to the desktop which arguably handles more sensitive data. I cant wait to try xdg-app and wayland which is finally replacing the overly insecure x-server.
  • Authentication in Enterprise Linux: I was not very technically sound to understand this talk. But the idea of having one login screen which logs you into your vpn and authenticates you to multiple places by automatically detecting the network your computer is connected to looked and sounded very cool. I have been struggling with multiple logins to work on a company network and if this solves the problem its heavenly.
  • Allan Day’s Live Design Session: I have been working on designing an app for the past 3 months and its an iterative process. Seeing Allan do it in front of me was such a refreshing and awe inspiring feeling. His process while not rigid is so polished and streamlined.

While other talks like the ones on maps and many more were great these were the highlights for me. Both the keynotes by Pamela and Christian were inspiring in their own way.

But the real takeaway from this conference was meeting my mentor and co mentor. Lasse Shuirmann and Mischa Krüger, it was really lovely to meet the people behind the irc and gitter conversations. Sitting across each other we could also increase the pace of our work and solve many bugs. Sitting night and day for the past 6 days hacking and discussing coala and its directions has really made me feel that although it started as Lasse’s project it has really become our project all of the people contributing currently to the coala community. We have grand plans for coala after this GUADEC and hopefully can come and present them to you by the next GUADEC.

I also go to give a small presentation in the lightning talks and took a selfie. GNOME people reading this blog I plan to continue the selfie tradition every year at GUADEC :P.

In all seriousness my colleagues and friends reading this post if you want to begin contributing to open source there is no better place GNOME to start. Its such a helping and warm community which brings me to my last thought for the blog. I need to thank so many people for so many things. Andreas, Fabiana, Alexander, David, Kat and many more that im forgetting. I hope to see everyone next year.



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